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Dr. Robert D. Fusco, Medical Director    
Removing a Colon Polyp
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Here you can see a segement of video taken during a colonoscopy examination. A colon polyp is being removed - a procedure called polypectomy. A thin wire snare is passed through the scope and is is placed around the base of this medium sized polyp. Using computer-controlled electrocautery current, the base of the polyp is first cauterized to prevent bleeding and then the stalk beneath is severed with the wire loop. You can see the polyp fall away. All that is left is the white cauterized area where the polyp was attached. Note that there is no bleeding. The head of the polyp can now be retrieved and sent to the lab for a biopsy. By detecting colon polyps and removing them in this fashion, colon cancer can usually be prevented. For more information about colon cancer prevention, click here.

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Three Rivers Endoscopy Scope Cam Snare Removal of a Colon Polyp


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