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Dr. Robert D. Fusco, Medical Director    
Hepatic Flexure of Colon
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Did you know that your liver touches your colon? Here you can see what the doctor sees during a colonoscopy (colon scope) examination. As the scope is passed into the colon, certain landmarks are used to tell what part of the colon is being examined. A common landmark is called the hepatic flexure. This is the junction of the ascending and transverse colon in the right upper abdomen. The bluish triangular shape that you can see in this videoclip is the shadow that your liver makes as it touches the wall of your colon, thus the name hepatic flexure. The doctor can't see the liver directly, nor examine it during colonoscopy. But this handy landmark helps tell the doctor where he is in your colon - much like a sign along the highway.

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Three Rivers Endoscopy Scope Cam Normal Hepatic Flexure of the Colon


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