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"Have been a very satisfied, repeat customer since 1986. Staff, from reception thru scheduling, nursing, doctors, anesthesia, discharge, and others provide professional, compasionate, caring services in a welcoming atmosphere. Follow up care and customer service are promt, clear and concise. These people know what they are doing and do it well.."

Over 250 years of combined clinical experience...


Take Control of your Digestive Health

Digestive problems are very common in today’s fast-paced society.  Many issues are temporary,  and can be attributed to a “bad meal” or a period of stress.  Persistent or severe symptoms are of greater concern and may require the professional attention of a gastroenterologist, a specialist in digestive problems. Frequently, a gastroenterologist is consulted when a diagnosis is unclear or specialized procedures are necessary.

Center for Digestive Health & Nutrition

The Center for Digestive Health & Nutrition is a private medical practice of experienced gastroenterologists and staff dedicated to the prevention and treatment of digestive disorders.  Our physicians have been serving the needs of those in Western Pennsylvania and surrounding areas since 1977 having cared for tens of thousands of individuals with digestive problems.

Center for Digestive Health & Nutrition

High Quality Care in a Private Patient-Friendly Environment

We fully understand the very sensitive nature of digestive illness and realize that each case is unique. Our objective is to consistently deliver high quality personal care in an efficient, private, and patient-friendly environment. We are very proud of the care we provide our patients and very appreciative of their many kind comments.

Informed Patients

Center For Digestive Health & Nutrition believes that informed patients are better prepared to make decisions regarding their health and wellbeing. That is why we've included an extensive section on the website covering the full array of topics associated with gastroenterology and diagnoses and treatments for digestive problems. We encourage you to look through these pages whenever you have an interest or concern about your digestive health. We hope that you find this website useful and invite you to contact  us with your questions at anytime.

Follow My Health Patient Portal

In an effort to improve communication between our medical staff and patients, we have added the Follow My Health Patient Portal – a new secure way to directly contact us and more efficiently receive results of any testing that may have been done. Our office staff can assist you in setting up a free portal account.

Three Rivers Endoscopy Center

In 1996, our physicians established Three Rivers Endoscopy Center (TREC) which was the first free-standing ambulatory surgery center in Western Pennsylvania solely dedicated to gastrointestinal endoscopy, or “scope tests,” such as colonoscopy. Conveniently located in the same Moon Township facility as our office practice, TREC was designed with quality, safety, and patient privacy in mind. Most of the endoscopic procedures performed by our physicians take place in TREC where free convenient parking is available.  With the aid of modern short-term anesthesia, state-of-the-art equipment, and our specifically trained staff, most patients find having an endoscopic “scope” test at TREC painless and, often, actually quite pleasant.

TREC is fully certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and approved as a Medicare and Medicaid provider.  We are proud to add that since inception, TREC has been granted maximum accreditation by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), a prestigious award.  By receiving such accreditation, TREC has joined an elite group of AAAHC accredited facilities.

The American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE) is the profession’s leader in setting standards of excellence in endoscopy through its quality and safety guidelines so that patients receive the best and safest care possible. TREC has also been recognized with ASGE Quality Endoscopy Program Recognition Program. This recognition acknowledges that the endoscopy unit is dedicated to delivering high-quality endoscopic care and has received specialized training in improving quality and safety in the endoscopy unit.

Logo for accreditation Association for ambulatory healthcare
American Society for gastrointestinal endoscopy logo
ASGE Quality endoscopic, recognition award  (American Society for Gastrointestina endoscopy)
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