Christmas Cards

Each year since 2004, our physicians have sent a Christmas card to our patients, colleagues, family, and friends with a bit of humor while reminding all the importance of Colon Cancer Screening. We feel that this unusual approach allows us to spread this very important message. If you are not on our mailing list, let us know at [email protected].

Click on the headings below to see what we have done in the past...

2022 Christmas Card- Top Bum

2021 Christmas Card - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

2020 Christmas Card - Back to the Future

2019 Christmas Card -  Adams Family

2018 Christmas Card -  Cover Your Ass

2017 Christmas Card  -  Don't Expose Yourself

2016 Christmas Card  -  Game of Thrones

2015 Christmas Card  -  Superheroes

2014 Christmas Card  -  No Colon Safe

2013 Christmas Card  -  Butt Dynasty

2012 Christmas Card  -  Have An App For That

2011 Christmas Card  -  Death To Polyps

2010 Christmas Card  -  Grease Up

2009 Christmas Card  -  To Boldly Go

2008 Christmas Card  -  Polyp Or No Polyp

2007 Christmas Card  -  Whack Your Polyps

2006 Christmas Card  -  Treasure Your Booty

2005 Christmas Card  -  GI Jedi

2004 Christmas Card  -  Men In Back

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