March, 2023

Our decisions and safety measures regarding COVID-19 are based on the current community transmission data in our area.

To protect the health and safety of our patients and staff, the following precautionary measures must be observed:

Face masks are no longer required to enter our facility, but you’re always welcome to wear a mask if you prefer. If you are ill, we ask that you please wear a mask to protect others. If you need one, we’ll have them ready. Since masks are optional, please respect those whose decision may differ from yours.

• Please arrive on time for your appointment to prevent overcrowding in our waiting rooms.

• You must arrange for a driver if you are scheduled for a procedure in our surgery center. If you wish for your driver to accompany you to the Recovery Area where the results of your procedure will be discussed with your doctor, your driver MUST remain in our waiting room for the entire duration of the procedure. If they are unavailable when called back to the Recovery Area, they will be contacted to pick you up at the Patient Discharge Door. A post-operative report will be provided for you to take home.

• Drivers who wish to remain in the parking lot or outside the building during your procedure must provide their cell phone number so that we may call or text them with instructions to pick you up at the Patient Discharge Door. It is important for your driver to be immediately available to pick you up upon discharge. If your driver is unable to stay, your procedure will be rescheduled.

• We have hand sanitizer and sinks with soap in the facility. PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS AS YOU ENTER AND LEAVE.

Health and safety have always been our number one priority, and we are constantly working to improve our standards.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Yours in good health,

Lester Stine, MD

Medical Director

Dr Stine

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