Test Results

How long do I have to wait for the results of my procedure?
The results of the endoscopic procedure are immediate. Your doctor will discuss the results of the procedure with you and your family member or friend. We also give you a written explanation of what was found and what treatment, if any, is anticipated. You or your family member will also have an opportunity to ask questions, but your memory may be impaired by the sedation. Any biopsies or samples taken for lab analysis will not be available that day. The physician's office will contact you as soon as we obtain the results.

If I have biopsies taken during my colonoscopy, what happens to my pathology specimen?
Three Rivers Endoscopy Center has its own pathology laboratory, which provides pathology services for our patients. Our laboratory has a highly skilled laboratory staff and board-certified pathologist who provide high quality pathology results. Having an onsite laboratory facilitates direct communication between our endoscopists and the pathologist. The results of this improved line of communication are better coordination of care for our patients and quick results to the physician. Our pathology laboratory is CLIA certified and contracted with most major insurances.  Pathology services are billed separately.  

How soon will I receive the results of any biopsies?
The physician will verbally tell you what was found during the procedure. If any polyps are removed and sent to our pathology laboratory for examination, you will usually receive your results within one week following your procedure. Some health insurance companies have contracted with other outside pathology laboratories across the country. Your biopsy specimens would have to be mailed to that laboratory for examination. That may delay your biopsy results up to two weeks. 

How will I receive my biopsy results?
After your doctor has reviewed your biopsy results, they are sent to our Triage Nurse, who will contact you with the results and the doctor's recommendations, usually by mail. You can receive the results sooner, if you have signed up for our online Patient Portal through Follow My Health. Using this secure portal, the results can be sent directly to you online. You then receive an email telling you to check your Follow My Health account online for the results.

Insurance Issues

**How much does an EGD or colonoscopy cost at the Endoscopy center versus having it done at the hospital?
Our Endoscopy Center accepts most major insurance coverage plans. If you have a screening colonoscopy and no polyps are removed, the fee for the facility will be approximately $1500. If you have the same procedure at a  hospital facility, it will cost almost double that ~ $2500 - $3000. Your health insurance may pay all or part of this fee. All of these charges are based on the individual having the procedure. Charges may be discussed with our billing department prior to scheduling a procedure. You will learn exactly what you will need to pay, what your insurance is paying, and if any additional fees may apply prior to your procedure.

What insurance carriers do you accept?
Our website lists current health plans that are accepted at Three Rivers Endoscopy Center. This listing may not include all plans TREC accepts. Please contact our office if your plan is not listed.

Will my insurance plan cover my procedure?
Many insurance plans cover colonoscopy and upper endoscopy procedures. All insurance plans differ so it is important for you to contact your insurance company and discuss your benefits. You will be responsible for any co-pay or deductibles. If you need assistance in determining your benefits, please contact our office.

If you are over 50 and have no colorectal symptoms and you’re just having a routine screening colonoscopy, you may be eligible for a free colonoscopy every ten years. You should call your insurance company for coverage verification. The procedure code is 45378 or G0121 and the diagnosis code is V76.51. If you’re having a colonoscopy because a family member has had colon cancer, the diagnosis code is V16.0 and the procedure code is 45378 or G0105.

I have Medicare. How do I prove that my procedure is a medical necessity?
Your physician will order tests that he/she feels are medically necessary depending upon your symptoms or previous diagnosis. Should any of these tests be considered not medically necessary, you will be asked to review our Advanced Beneficiary Notice explaining the services ordered, the cost of the services and the reason why Medicare may not consider these medically necessary. Should you choose to proceed with the treatment, you will sign the Notice accepting financial liability for those tests/services.

Can you help me negotiate with my insurance company?
Should a claim for services be denied, we will assist you in working with your health plan.

What is co-insurance?
Co-insurance is the percentage that you are responsible for according to your health plan. For example, your insurance covers 70 percent of the allowable fee for a special service. You are responsible for the remaining 30 percent. This is called co-insurance. Co-insurance is not a co-payment.

What can I expect to pay out of pocket?
There are many variables to this question depending upon the services provided. We can provide you with a co-insurance estimate prior to services being rendered.



What is CDHN’s financial policy?
As a courtesy, CDHN will file health insurance claims to your health plan. You will be financially responsible for satisfying deductibles, co-payments and co-insurances.

I’d like to work out a payment plan with CDHN. What should I know?
It is the patient’s responsibility to remit payment at the time of service. We understand that from time to time circumstances can arise that create a hardship. Please speak with a billing manager BEFORE your clinic visit or procedure if you will be unable to pay your balance in full on the day of your appointment.

How long do I have to pay my bill?
Once you insurance carrier has sent in payment for your visit or procedure, any balances owed will be billed to you. Payment is due upon receipt.

Does CDHN or TREC have an online billing option?
No. Not at the present time.

Why will I receive separate bills for my procedure?
You will receive a bill from our facility (Three Rivers Endoscopy Center), a bill for professional services from the physician who performed the procedure, one from the Anesthesia group who administered and monitored your sedation and, if you had tissue biopsied or removed, a bill from the pathology lab.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my bills?
When you have a procedure at Three Rivers Endoscopy Center, your insurance company will be billed by the following entities:

  1. The Center for Digestive Health will bill your insurer for the professional services provided by your gastroenterologist. Billing questions: (412) 262-1000 ext xx
  2. Three Rivers Endoscopy Center (TREC) will bill your insurance for facility cost, which include the equipment, procedure rooms, supplies, staff cost, and medications. Billing questions: (412) 262-1000.
  3. Anesthesia, Our anesthesia provider will bill your insurance for the services provided by the Anesthesiologist and CRNA. Anesthesia billing questions: (412) 262-1000.
  4. Pathology Lab. If you had polyps removed, or biopsies taken the lab will bill your insurance for the laboratory’s processing and pathologist’s interpretation of the results of the biopsy specimens. Billing questions:


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