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Colleen Jakubovic executive Director of the center for digestive health and nutrition

Colleen Jakubovic

Executive Director

​Colleen joined the Center for Digestive Health and Nutrition in June 2002 after spending the previous nine years as a Solomon Software consultant. Taking the reigns as the Center’s Business Manager was natural given her knowledge and experience with the practice in her role as a consultant to the Executive Director and previous Business Manager.  Colleen’s prior experience focused on the private sector where her responsibilities included the management of accounting and financial business matters. In her role as Business Manager, Colleen also functioned as the Center's Controller and Human Resources Manager. In 2018, Colleen took on the role of Executive Director and is now responsible for the operations and management of both the Center for Digestive Health & Nutrition and Three Rivers Endoscopy Center.  Ms. Jakubovic holds a degree in Accounting.

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